Overview of the Slot Machine, Machina Reloaded Megaways

Since Kalamba Games’ first usage of Megaways was in the 2019 slot machine Machina, one might say that the release of Machina Reloaded Megaways is a sort of returning home. Kalamba Games has stayed true to the original design for this remastered edition, refining several aspects and refreshing the game’s aesthetic while retaining its core features. If you haven’t played the original Machina Megaways slot machine, you missed out on features like Cashpots, free spins with a symbol upgrade element, and four different HyperBonus choices.

First, there are the images, which show a future downtown area replete with skyscrapers, neon signs, and Asian advertising. To visualize this, think of films like Bladerunner 2049, the updated Total Recall without Arnie, or, at a push, The Fifth Element. Perhaps the starting point is the way cities will appear when flying automobiles become commonplace in the not-too-distant future. No matter where we are, the graphics are solid, and the game world of Machina Reloaded Megaways feels more complete than its predecessor.

When you play Machina Reloaded Megaways, you’ll be presented with a grid of reels, each of which may carry anything from two to six symbols. The configuration creates between 729 and 117,649 possible outcomes. Although the RTP for Machina Reloaded Megaways is just 96.2% when playing regularly, it increases to a wide range of different figures after purchasing one of the free spins rounds from the HyperBonus menu, making it a very unpredictable creation. Bets range from 25 pence to £/€50 each spin, and the game is playable on any device. Those on a tight budget may find it inconvenient as the minimum stake for max ways play is 50 p/c.

Two high-paying symbols in a row from the left, or three low-paying symbols, is required to win. Six of a type of the lows (futuristic fonted 9-A card ranks) pay between 0.8 and 1x the wager, while the five high payments (the “purple man,” “turquoise woman,” “green woman,” “red man,” and “Cyborg”) pay between 1.5 and 2x the wager. To assist complete winning combinations, golden wild symbols can be used in place of any of the standard pay symbols.

Slot Machines with Reloaded Megaways by Machina

Much of what is discussed here is similar to features found in the original Machina Megaways game, however some of the specifics have been recoded. Let’s check it out.


The Cashpots come first; they’re connected to the Cyborg, the highest paying regular symbol. With 10, 12, 16, or 19 Cyborg symbols in view during the main game or free spins, players win the Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum Cashpot, which are correspondingly worth 5x, 12.5x, 300x, or 15,000x the stake.

Bonus Turns

When 3, 4, 5, or 6 scatter symbols appear on the reels, players enter a bonus round where they are awarded 10, 12, 15, or 18 free spins and either a 2x, 5x, 10x, or 15x wager multiplier. During the bonus round, any scatter symbols that appear will be added to your total. When a predetermined threshold is reached for bonus symbols, lower premium symbols are transformed into the Cyborg and further free games are granted. Each of the four standard premiums (purple man, turquoise lady, green woman, red man) may be upgraded to a Cyborg with the collection of 4, 8, 13, or 18 scatter symbols. When this happens, the remaining number of free spins increases by 2. After that, you’ll get an additional two bonus spins for every five bonus symbols you collect.


If it is available in your area, you may select one of four different free spins bonuses by clicking the bonus purchase button. For 10 free spins, the cost is 56.92x (RTP 96.4%), for 12 free spins, it’s 105.94x (RTP 96.51%), for 15 free spins, it’s 240.3x (RTP 96.6%), and for 18 free spins, it’s 466.84x (RTP 96.7%).

Slot Evaluation of Machina: Reloaded Megaways

A reload is in order, so credit where credit is due, but this isn’t a complete redesign down to the supple microchip. The base game’s atmosphere is reminiscent of Cyberpunk 2077 on a rainy night, and the way the topic is handled is perhaps more exciting. In fact, several futuristic pop culture allusions appeared during trials. There were elements of the tech thriller Ex Machina in the golden Cyborg, in which the CEO of Blue Book uses one of his staff in an intricate experiment to determine whether or not the robot Ava (played by Alicia Vikander) possesses consciousness. At the end of this thought-provoking essay on issues as diverse as consciousness, AI, humanity, freedom, and attractive robots, the employee succumbed to Ava’s attractions and unwittingly assisted her/it in escaping captivity.

So, where were we? Oh, and there’s also Machina Reloaded Megaways, which isn’t quite as deep but still offers something for the right punter. Although the free spins biodome on an alien world is a cool concept, it’s difficult for the non-Cyborg characters to stand out as much as their mechanical counterparts. When it comes to gameplay, there aren’t a lot of changes between the original and Machina Reloaded Megaways. While the number of possible combinations has increased because to the game grid’s enlargement, the Cashpots have become fixed, and otherwise the rules are the same as before. The maximum win has actually decreased from the initial 26,000x in the first Megaways game to the current 15,000x in Machina Reloaded Megaways.

Overall, the transition from Machina Megaways to Machina Reloaded Megaways is not exactly a radical sea change. However, if you’re the appropriate kind of person, you’ll find plenty of amusement here. Maybe they were taken in by the initial game’s futuristic aesthetic, or they’re interested in the symbol upgrading features of Megaways slots, or they just can’t get enough images of the future to consider.






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